Why We Ask

I’m often asked a version of the same question whenever we send out an opportunity for readers to partner with the mission of First15 financially. The question is:

“Why do you ask for money?”

Or sometimes it’s a form of, “Why do you ask for money so often?” Or, “Why does it take so much to fund a daily devotional?”

I honestly love getting this question from readers and donors for two reasons.

Number one, I think the question is so valid. What we primarily do is send out a devotional a day to readers on a number of platforms. And it’s easy to recognize some of the obvious costs, like my time to write the devotionals, the technology cost to build a website or an app, or maybe some additional staff to market it and manage all that technology.

But if I was you, it would be hard to understand why we ask for money each month or where all the dollars go.

Number two, I think it’s so critical for believers to discern where God is directing their generosity. There are unfortunately a lot of ministries that have lost the trust of believers because of poor financial stewardship. And asking questions like these is a crucial part of discernment before giving.

So sincerely, thank you for asking.

My simple answer to your great question is this:

Our goal here is not just to create a resource, but to create a movement. Our calling isn’t just to create the content and get it out the door.

Our calling is to make spending time alone with God a regular and foundational practice among believers everywhere.

And to do that takes expanding resources, it takes expanding audiences, it takes investments like traveling and meeting with faith leaders, taking time to be featured on other platforms.

And the amazing thing is that with the help of our amazing readers and donors, it’s working.

In less than six years God has grown First15 from 0 to 1.5 million people in more than 200 countries. And it grows more every day.

We have dozens of churches using First15 as their devotional resource for their congregation. We have ministry partners all around the world. And lives are changing every day.

So every month, I’ll provide readers and donors a different opportunity to invest in the acceleration of our mission accomplishment. And every year it’s possible that the amount needed to accomplish the mission will grow as the opportunity grows.

But know this, those invested dollars do not go into my pocket or anyone else’s pocket. No one is getting rich off of this life-giving and exciting work. (We even use a 3rd party research company to keep our salaries inline with the industry).

And I am beyond grateful for the opportunity afforded me by the generosity of our readers and donors to help change lives through the power of God’s presence.

So thanks for asking. Thanks for reading. And thanks for everything you do to make this space for God’s presence possible. The dream of seeing believers start their day in God’s presence is becoming a reality more every day. And it takes all of us to make it happen.

If you have any additional questions feel free to reach out at contact@first15.org.

Craig Denison


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