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  • Centering on Truth

    In a world full of noise and anxiety, First15 helps center your heart on the truth of God's word.

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    Worship shouldn't happen just on Sunday mornings. Experience worship and guided prayers created specifically to help you connect with God during the week.

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    Connecting with God in prayer isn’t always easy. First15 provides guided prayers to help you step away from the anxiety of life and into a personal and meaningful relationship with your creator.

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Recover your life… take a real rest… live freely and lightly. Sounds too good to be true, right? With Jesus, it CAN be true — every single day. And First15’s brand-new devotional book called "Rhythms" shows you how. Discover the vibrant, abundant life he offers today!


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This is the best devotional app I have listened to. The message is easy to understand, the reflection questions make me dig deeper, and the worship song allows me to stay in God's presence.


This is the best devotional I've seen, helping me connect with the reality of God, experience His presence and love, have strength for the day, and more to give to others.


First15 has been such an important part of drawing me so much nearer to God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. I am so grateful to have discovered this.

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